Meet your D4HG Staff

tina headshot-3_edited_edited.jpg

Ms. Tina

D4HG Studio Owner / Instructor

elaine headshot-2_edited.jpg

Ms. Elaine

D4HG Studio Owner

Ms. Claire

Administrative Assistant

lizette headshot-2_edited.jpg

Ms. Lizette



Ms. Kathy

LEAD ABT Ballet 


Ms. Katie

LEAD Jazz 

jessica headshot-2_edited_edited.jpg

Ms. Jessica

LEAD Preschool Ballet/Tap 

Miss Jackleen


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 An Affordable, Quality Dance Education.

Each D4HG Instructor trains with our Tap, Jazz, Preschool and ABT Ballet LEAD Instructors to ensure continuity throughout your child's dance education. You can feel confident your child is receiving a quality dance education, no matter his or her age, or level of dance. The D4HG Owners and Instrcutors encourage each student to develop their gift of dance to its full potential.  We offer an environment of love, support and growth at D4HG.