DMC is a special group of Dancers who epitomize the spirit of D4HG.  

The DMC are leaders.

The DMC dance, serve with joy, and are always willing to go the extra mile! 


Each Spring, D4HG holds DMC auditions searching for dancers, ages 10-18yrs,

who not only excel in Ballet, Tap and Jazz, but who also have a heart to serve,

a teachable spirit, excellent attendance, a great attitude in class, the ability to take and apply directions, and are able to learn choreography quickly. 

 DMC has many performances throughout the year which include our yearly DMC Show, FBCW's Atlanta Christmas Musical, D4HG Spring Recitals, and FBCW's Celebrate America, to name a few.

Contact to book a DMC performance

at your local church, festival, school, or Nursing Home!   

We LOVE to 
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DMC Audition Prep Classes

Mondays 7:45-8:30pm

$10/class drop in fee

  • February 22

  • March 1

  • March 8

  • March 15

  • March 22

  • April 12


Dance Studio

DMC Audition

Monday, April 19. 

You must be pre-registered to Audition.

Click the DMC logo below to register!

On the day of the audition, all pre-registered Dancers must:   

  • be in the B210 hallway by 7:00 PM

  • be dressed in black leotard, pink or caramel tights, black skirt or black dance shorts

  • have all dance shoes (Ballet, Tap, Jazz)      

  • have hair in a secure bun with no bangs 

  • have a picture with your name and age on the back

Click the DMC logo
to pre-register for your spot at the DMC Audition.

Directors will be there to assist with check in and make sure dancers have their audition number. 

The auditions are closed, and parents should wait in the B220 hallway, or return to the church by 9:00 PM.  Results from the audition will be emailed by the following week.

Junior Apprentice typically dance 1 day/week, but have the option to dance additional days.

Apprentice and DMC Level C typically dance 2 days/week.

DMC Levels A and B dance 3 days/week.

Still have questions? email