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Mark Your Calendar!

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February 20-24
Cherokee County Winter Break
Studio OPEN

Wear your favorite 
to dance this week!

April 3-8
Cherokee County Spring Break

April 10
Easter Monday

Monday Classes to make up class
the week of
(More details to follow!)

April 17, 18, 20
Recitals Pictures on your regular class day.
(More details to follow!)

May 1
2023/24 Returning Student
Online Dance Registration Begins

May 12, 13
Dance Recital 

All Tuesday Classes- May 12 at 6:30pm
All Monday Classes- May 13 at 11am
All Thursday Classes- May 13 at 2pm
DMC, Apprentice I, II, and Junior Apprentice-
May 13 at 4pm

(More details to follow!)

May 15
2023/24 New Student
Online Dance Registration Begins

June 5-9
Summer Dance Camp

(More details to follow!)

July 17-21
Summer Dance Camp

(More details to follow!)

D4HG follows Cherokee County Schools calendar, with the exception of
President's Day, Fall and Winter Break.
We also follow Cherokee County Schools for inclement weather closing.
In case of mandatory pandemic studio closure,
dance classes will continue online.
Tuition is NOT refunded for missed classes.  

If you are absent, we encourage you to make up your class.

Email, or call 678-961-4433, for assistance.  

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